Can you contribute to The Book of Amazing People?

inspire-1Do you have a life story that could inspire and help others? The Sussex Newspaper and Voila Success are updating our definitive tribute book to outstanding people. The Book of Amazing People features real-life stories that will inspire others and help them strive for success and overcome obstacles. Would you like to contribute a chapter? Topics we are interested in include people who have succeeded in businesses against the odds; people that have fund raised significant amounts for charity, Individuals that have overcome loss or serious illness to create meaningful futures, people that have dedicated their lives to caring for others and animals, those that have made a significant contribution to their communities. If you can write a chapter for The Book of Amazing People we would like to hear from you. Co-author requirements: Must have an inspiring story about an amazing person. Deadline for chapters: March 6th  2018 Apply to contribute a chapter   ...
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Have you mastered the law of attraction?

Mithra Publishing is producing a ground breaking book exploring the powerful nature of the law of attraction.  Can you contribute a chapter? The book, Kizzi's Guide to The Law of Attraction,  examines what the law of attraction is,  how it works,  how we can energise it and how we can use it in our everyday lives.   Perhaps you’ve experienced the law of attraction in your personal or business life or can advise readers on how open their mind to the endless possibilities presented by the law of attraction.  If you can write a chapter on this amazing scientific phenomenon we would like to hear from you. If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site. Kizzi's Guide to The Law of Attraction will be produced as a paperback and ebook and marketed online and in book stores. The KGB  (Kizzi's Guide Books) series of books are edited by Kizzi Nkwocha, the editor of My Entrepreneur Magazine and The Sussex Newspaper. Co-author ...
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Can you write a chapter in our ground-breaking book offering advice on how to create the life you want?

Creating The Life You Want is a unique and powerful book offering practical,  insightful and valuable advice on how we can live life to its full potential by taking charge of the different elements which, together, determine the quality of our lives. For Creating The Life You Want we are looking for thought-provoking chapters covering how we can live fuller, more rewarding and fulfilling lives through understanding:
  • How to diet and achieve physical well-being
  • How to live with autism
  • Beating your addictions
  • Attracting the right partner
  • Creative visualization and motivation
Creating The Life You Want is the world’s first Bitsie – a series of informative bite-sized books which, together, make up a complete full-sized book.   Bitsies are different because each bite-sized edition has just five to seven chapters covering one category in depth.  Time challenged readers with a specific area of interest can choose which Bitsie to read rather than committing to ...
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Can you write a chapter about successful property investment in Australia?

My Renovation Magazine is updating Property Investment Australia, our ground breaking book offering practical,  proven and easy to follow advice on how to invest in property in Australia.  Can you contribute a chapter? Property Investment Australia covers topics such as the most common mistakes made when investing in property (and how to avoid them),  a guide to Australia’s constantly changing property market and its laws,  managing your properties and tenants, how to buy investment properties significantly below market value,  how to plan and undertake a thorough risk assessment, choosing your mortgage and property,  what type of property to buy to maximise your profit potential  and where the best places are to look for property to buy etc…The list goes on and I hope you can add to it. Property Investment Australia will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and it will be marketed through Amazon, My Renovation Magazine,  the Athena Publishing site and s...
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Can you write a chapter for our definitive logistics book?

My Logistics Magazine is looking for contributors for the definitive book on the logistics industry. Logistics Today and Tomorrow explores developments, products, services and best practice in road, sea, rail, air, warehousing and freight forwarding. The book also examines how the industry is innovating to meet the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead. If you can write a chapter for Logistics Today and Tomorrow, we’d love to hear from you. If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site. Logistics Today and Tomorrow will be produced as a paperback and ebook and marketed online and in book stores Co-author requirements: Must have professional experience working in road, rail, sea, air, supply chain or warehousing.   Deadline for chapters: January 2nd 2018 Contribute to this book  
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Have you learnt how to be a successful investor? Contribute to Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Investment

My Making Money Magazine is producing the definitive book on investment for beginners.  Can you write a chapter? Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Investment provides useful, practical and valuable advice on how to invest in real estate, understanding and making a profit in the commodity market and how to invest in fine art and collectible items.  We would like to hear from you if you can write:
  • A chapter providing a valuable down to earth guide on how to invest in property (commercial or residential);
  • Contributions on the commodity market for beginners, fast trading in Forex and Options, the more complex derivatives, foreign shares and the use of the Internet in trading;
  • Chapters explaining the full inter-relationships between the stock market, the banks, brokers and the regulators;
  • Contributions providing advice on how to invest in fine art and collectible items.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Investment will be published as both a paperback ...
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Can you contribute a chapter to The Book of Well-Being?

wellbeingHave you had a positive experience involving alternative or complimentary medicine? Or perhaps you can share your knowledge of natural healing therapies, yoga, massage, reiki, health farms or natural medicine used to cope with an illness or condition. If so, please get in touch. My Well-Being Magazine is updating  The Book of Well-Being, the definitive well-being book and we’re looking for chapters that cover the entire spectrum of the natural health and well-being industry. If you can write a chapter, we’d love to hear from you. If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site.  The revised edition of The Book of Well-Being will be produced as a paperback and ebook and marketed online and in book stores. Chapter Requirements: Must have personal experience of using alternative or complimentary medicine or therapy. If writing in a professional capacity, you must have a professional background in well-being, health or natura...
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Become a published author writing about the US property market

Do you know the ins and outs of buying, managing, letting, renting and selling property in The United States? My Renovation Magazine is producing the definitive book for how to invest, buy, sell, rent and manage property in The United States.   Can you contribute a chapter? The sort of topics we’re focused on include the most common mistakes made when investing in property (and how to avoid them),  how to successfully buy to let,  a guide to The United States’ constantly changing property market and its laws managing your properties and tenants, how to buy investment properties significantly below market value,  how to plan and undertake a thorough risk assessment, choosing your mortgage and property,  what type of property to buy to maximise your profit potential  and where are the best places to look for property to buy in The United States…The list goes on and I hope you can add to it. The Property Book: USA will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and...
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Can you share the secrets of business success?

Mithra  is updating its essential entrepreneurs guide to business success, Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business. Can you write a chapter?  We’re looking for practical advice on subjects that will really help business owners and managers grow their enterprise. Topics include, creating a business plan, networking, motivating yourself and / or your staff, outsourcing, managing your accounts,   working from home, using social media for your business, creating a great website etc…We’re hoping you can add to this list. Contributors to Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business will be credited for their chapter and we will also publish your biography and a link to your site. Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business will be marketed worldwide and it will be available as an ebook and paperback.   Co-author requirements: Must have experience of running / managing or founding a successful business. or a background in finance, marketing, social media...
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Can you write about energy efficiency?

My Renovation Magazine is producing the definitive book on energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling.  Can you write a chapter? The book, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability,  will be a practical guide to maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability in both the home and work place. Written by experts from around the world this book offers home owners and businesses alike thoughtful and insightful chapters on topics such as reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, renewable energy, sustainable heating and lighting.  We are also interested in chapters explaining developments and the use of solar energy both at home and at work. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability will provide practical money and energy saving ideas that will help us meet the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. Ideally we are looking for contributors with practical experience of either recycling, or energy saving ideas either professionally as a business or ...
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Would you like to be a columnist writing about success?

WRITERS2Voila Success is looking for contributors who can write regular or one-off articles offering practical, insightful and valuable advice on how our readers can live life to its full potential by taking charge of the different elements which, together, determine the quality of our lives. Our columnists cover topics such as how we can live fuller, more rewarding and fulfilling lives through understanding:
  • How The Law of Attraction works
  • How to meditate
  • Achieving physical fitness
  • Healthy eating and dieting
  • Emotional well-being
  • Advanced nootropics and cognitive enhancement
  • How to achieve financial freedom
If you would like to be a columnist for Voila Success, email the Or fill in the form below and introduce yourself. [ninja_forms id=1]
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Contribute a chapter to the food and drinks book, Food and Beverage 4.0

We are looking for contributors for a book examining developments, trends, emerging technologies and markets within the global food and drink industry. Food and Beverage 4.0 (working title) is a business to business book aimed at exploring the future of the global food and beverages industry across the full sourcing and supply chain. Our chapters also focus on:
  • new technologies and developments within packaging and processing,
  • economic, health and environmental influences on food and beverage production and distribution,
  • the development of organic farming methods and meat substitutes,
  • emerging consumer market trends.
Hopefully you can help us add to this list of topics.  Our target readers are key decision makers in what is a vitally important industry. Food and Beverage 4.0 will be produced as a paperback and an ebook. It will be promoted by our PR agency and marketed worldwide through Amazon,  selected book stores,  Google Books and the publishers website.   If y...
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Julie Crockett

CrockettJulie Crockett is the CEO of Australian Property Investment Solutions Pty Ltd (API Solutions) and has been investing in residential real estate since 2002, building a property portfolio on a single income. She is now dedicated to mentoring others so that they can successfully build investment property portfolios. She has been nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2013 and 2014.
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Andrew Crossley

Andrew CrossleyAndrew Crossley from Australian Property Advisory Group is a qualified Property Advisor and Property Advocate with over 20 years’ experience in wealth management, property and finance both here and internationally working in Private Banking in Austria, Italy, Netherlands, UK, and the Cayman Islands. Although Andrew has grown his personal property portfolio to 11 properties and just under 4 million, it is his balanced and risk managed approach to his properties that was recognised in the ‘Your Investment Property’ magazine where he was recognised in the 2012 Property Investor of the year Awards, placing him 5th overall in Australia. He has conducted several seminars on Property; Wealth Creation through Property and Self- Managed Super Fund lending.
Andrew is also on the Forrester Cohen National panel of certified Property Advisors. Andrew has recently been asked to become a contributor to the “Your Investment Property” Magazine, Smart Property Investor Blog, The Adv...
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Scott Pendlebury

PendleburyScott Pendlebury is the founder and Managing Director of Australia’s fastest growing online building fixtures retailer – After a career of over 20 years in Investment Banking, Scott turned his attention towards his passion: home renovation. Scott has personal experience in many successful home renovations of his own, as well as setting up a professionally managed residential investment fund in the US that buys, renovates, and leases. Scott recognised that the Australian building fixtures market was too expensive and void of suitable choice. He launched Renovator Store at the start of 2013 so that home owners that are building or renovating can access a wide choice of fairly priced building fixtures that they would normally have to source by driving around all the retail outlets. These include tapware, bathroom fittings, storage hardware, lighting, door hardware, and even home theatre cabling. Now Scott enjoys sharing his passion for smart building te...
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John Carney

John CarneyJohn Carney is a highly-respected Thought Leader in the specialized and lucrative field of real estate investing. As a third generation property investor/developer he has achieved his own wealth creation and lifestyle freedom. His property deals in the USA and Australia have amassed generous profit and comprehensive international experience. A published author and sought-after international keynote speaker, John’s popular presentation and book, Real Estate is a Team Sport. The Nine Players You Need to Profit, outlines the steps to become a smarter, more profitable property investor. John teaches investors to plan for the future and build cash flow positive real estate assets in order to multiply their wealth. He believes the more a person exercises their investment muscle and ‘plays the game’, the closer they come to achieving the BIG WIN. John’s knowledge is interchangeable between the US and Australian real estate markets, which has enabled him to build an extensi...
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Joylene Hay

Joylene HayDirector and Business Development Manager – True Blue Migration Services Registered Migration Agent Joy has been with True Blue Migration Services since its inception. She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice. Prior to setting up True Blue Migration Services with Maryanne Gruar, Joy consulted to businesses in the areas of strategy, marketing and communication. Joy assesses potential migrants and advises them on suitable visa pathways. She also leads True Blue Migration’s marketing and administration team. True Blue Migration Services has offices in Perth and Melbourne. The business assists clients onshore and offshore, offering free visa eligibility consultations to anyone wishing to explore their migration options.
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Evelyn Rose Norman

EvelynEvelyn Rose Norman is a marketing executive and an assistant at Move Out Mates - a Sydney-based end of lease cleaning company. Over the years, Evelyn and Move Out Mates have helped landlords in need to sell and let their homes faster at a better price, achieving the full market potential of each residential or commercial estate. Together they have also assisted numerous tenants with their rental deposits and ensured more than $720 000 in bonds being returned. The secret? They offer quality lease and deep cleaning services that reveal and enhance the qualities of each property and erase all signs of previous owners and tenants. Nowadays the company is looking forward to expand across Australia and to offer an even larger variety of services to benefit everyone on the property ladder. Website:    
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Stephanie Brennan

StephanieStephanie Brennan is the Founder of the mortgage and finance broking firm Step Loans. Stephanie was born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and was educated at one of Sydney’s finest private schools. Her love for money started when she 5 with her first 50 cents of pocket money. From this young age Stephanie knew that by making another 50 cents she would have options. This love for money or rather options soon steamed into an impressive work history throughout finance, real estate, government and business. Stephanie started her first business Foundations Professional Consulting in 2011 and in 2014 started her second business Step Loans. Stephanie is taking the broking industry by storm and first founded the business in order to help others invest in themselves, their businesses and their retirement. Stephanie’s love for property started back in 2011 with one of her first clients who started a property investment company. Stephanie went on to become a license...
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Geoff Boyd

Geoff BoydHaving spent 23 years in the Financial Planning Industry, Geoffrey was looking forward to retirement. It was then that some friends asked him how they should go about buying a house. This started 4 years of research into all aspects of buying real estate from an outsider’s impartial point of view. Some problem areas uncovered included:-
  • The Buyer usually goes through the process once or twice in a lifetime so they are unfamiliar with proceedings
  • In today's society, time is such a precious commodity. To have to research, collate and analyse all the information required for a property on top of maintaining work and family commitments can be a very daunting task.
  • There is little information available at the preparation stage. Detail is available on the internet, but is very fragmented.
  • The non-availability of good software to make important calculations. Most web sites offer a range of single purpose calculators, but these cannot be downloaded and used in your own tim...
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Zaki Ameer

ZakiAt just 18, Zaki Ameer arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka with an unfaltering determination to not only land on his feet, but to achieve his big dreams for business success. After multiple life-changing setbacks, including an unfortunate shift in his financial support system, Zaki found himself living in an alien culture with no friends, no income and significant debt resulting from international university fees. Determined to remain in Australia, he spent the next four years, Monday to Friday, working 8-hour days followed by night studies in Business and Finance, where he’d finally come home at eleven o’clock most nights only to have to complete course assignments. Those were very dark days. However, Zaki, being full of determination, persevered through it with an end goal in mind. Finally, clear of debt with a Bachelor of Business under his belt, Zaki had a chance meeting that inspired him to try his hand at property investment. Two years later Zaki built himself a su...
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Darina Snell

DarinaDarina Snell is a digital PR and content creator for Paul's Removals. She has been with the company since its establishment and besides her work as a digital PR, she has also been a quality control assistant. As such she has supervised numerous home and office moves. Assisting hundreds of people with their removal needs gave her an insight into the Australian property market and people's behaviour and decision-making during relocations. Darina noticed that, not only are there particular times when people prefer to move, but there are also different reasons why they choose to do so. At present, she not only wants to assist people with the technicalities surrounding their move, but to also help them choose the most appropriate time for it, as this will eliminate some of the hitches along the way. When she is not writing, Darina loves to cook, travel and read historical fiction books. Feel free to get in touch: Website: http://www.paulsremovalsmelbourne.c...
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Linh Whyatt

Linh WhyattMy career in property began at an early age with the purchase of my first investment property at the age of 21, a one-bedroom unit in West Perth, Western Australia. I can trace my love of property back to my early years, whilst still in primary school. My parents made a bold move to buy land and build their first home. I recall visiting home openings and was fascinated with interior design, floor plans, and construction. In the years after our house was built, that fascination continued. I always looked forward to receiving the New Home section of the weekend paper, where they had home designs with floor plans. I’d dream about owning the property and what changes to the floor plans I would make. Little did I know that it was the start of something much bigger that was to be large chapter in my life. Although I didn’t have the education that most investors receive before buying property, starting my investment journey at 22 years old with the first purchase at right time was t...
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Craig Merrett

craigCraig is a passionate property investor from Adelaide, South Australia. His property journey began in his early 20's when he successfully set himself the audacious task of entering the property market within a 12 month period - all as a full time student on a mere $35,000 self-employed salary and with very little existing savings. Craig enjoys sharing his acumen and insights, particularly for young and low income investors. He has been featured in Australia's leading property publications and enjoys basketball, the beach, and spending time with his wife Melissa and Rhodesian ridge-back Coby.    
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Adrianna Huester

  AdreinneAdrianna Huester is a real estate whiz and marketing strategist who works in the house removal sector. She works with companies in Australia, helping them bound with their customers and provide quality services tailored by their client’s needs. She is eager to share her knowledge of the great opportunities the Australian real estate market offers for property investors and homeowners. She currently works with Fantastic Removals Melbourne, a Victoria-based company which delivers removal and cleaning services to homeowners, tenants and property investors in the residential and commercial sector.   Website:  
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Garth Davis

Garth Davis – Property Investor   garthGarth Davis emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2002 from Zimbabwe, Africa. When he arrived in Perth property prices were at the early stages of their boom. Garth did not have any knowledge of property investing until he arrived in Australia but then made it his business to mix and mingle with the most knowledgeable property people, and he attended many property expos, conferences and workshops to gain as much knowledge as possible. Garth got educated in property investing, and surrounded himself with a great team of experts and mentors, and took action and started purchasing well located properties around Australia.   He enjoyed the industry so much that he took up full time work in the industry. Garth is a very successful property investment coach and he won many national awards for the company that he worked with for 10 years, and he created many raving fans. Garth has helped over 500 investors get into property, and a high per...
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Heavens Fire – First Chapter

HF-novel coverChapter One

Gematria The seminar room was packed with standing room only. Donald Bryan stood facing the sea of eager faces. Sixty of them sitting in ascending rows. During his six years lecturing at Oxford, his classes had attracted – in equal measure - a coterie of curious etymology and theology students and the envy of the University’s 130 resident lecturers. Almost three years ago an educational magazine had featured him on the cover with the embarrassing sobriquet: ‘The Million Dollar Words Worth.’ The picture they had chosen was taken from a recent hiking expedient to the Andes. It showed Donald, 39 years-old, a full head of jet black hair, prominent dimpled chin and, despite his string of academic qualifications, defiantly ruggedly handsome. In the picture he had been photographed clinging to a dry rope and grinning confidently into the camera. A British Indiana Jones minus Harrison Ford’s trademark Fedora. Donald felt uneasy with nicknames but recognise...
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