Heavens Fire – First Chapter

HF-novel coverChapter One

Gematria The seminar room was packed with standing room only. Donald Bryan stood facing the sea of eager faces. Sixty of them sitting in ascending rows. During his six years lecturing at Oxford, his classes had attracted – in equal measure - a coterie of curious etymology and theology students and the envy of the University’s 130 resident lecturers. Almost three years ago an educational magazine had featured him on the cover with the embarrassing sobriquet: ‘The Million Dollar Words Worth.’ The picture they had chosen was taken from a recent hiking expedient to the Andes. It showed Donald, 39 years-old, a full head of jet black hair, prominent dimpled chin and, despite his string of academic qualifications, defiantly ruggedly handsome. In the picture he had been photographed clinging to a dry rope and grinning confidently into the camera. A British Indiana Jones minus Harrison Ford’s trademark Fedora. Donald felt uneasy with nicknames but recognise...
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