Craig Richards

CraIGI was born in Japan and lived there till I was 7 years old. My father is Australian an my mother is Japanese, but since my early days were spent in Japan, I came to know and understand the traditions of the Japanese culture – honesty, integrity, persistence, commitment, dedication. Like the kamikaze’s who devoted their life to one cause until the last dying breath, I too feel much the same way with regards to the cause I have selected to pursue. To me, this is nothing special, as there are many other Japanese who feel the same way, although I have been told on more than one occasion that this is not normal… regardless of whether this commitment level to life is normal or eccentric, I believe it is important to understand other people’s traits, as the journey to succeed in life is founded on these traits.

I have been blessed to be able to do the work I do and the chance to get to know so many people on so many levels, so naturally I want to share something about me in return. I believe that if you can understand why I do what I do, this will help you understand what I wish to share about the things I know in finance – I am not just another broker or planner selling products – I have created something that will change people’s lives financially and help people become part of something that the rich people do. My dream is to help every family get out of debt quicker and build their wealth quicker so their retirement will be a happy and prosperous one.

Through the years, my studies have led me to find and create strategies that only the wealthy had access to in the past. With my youngest of memories, my first job was at the age of 5, and by first business venture was at the age of 8. I have always wanted to find out what makes a person rich, and my desire to ensure my own parents would be taken care of financially, I felt such urgency to solve this wealth puzzle before it was too late. I am very happy to say that they are living a comfortable lifestyle today.

My background is in the banking sector, with my final years at the bank as a high net worth bank manager. I wanted to give my clients the best deal, but at the time, I could only sell the prescribed products and not the cheaper interest rate around the corner with another bank. So becoming a mortgage broker solved this issue.

My next challenge was to figure out what investments were available in the market place. I used my previous experience of watching the wealthy clients moving their money around, and I used this platform to further my studies. I became a financial planner and this helped expand the knowledge base considerably.

Over time, I started to merge the complications of loan and investment selection into a more simplified process. I started to create strategies that made a significant difference to clients’ debt reduction capabilities and investment opportunities.

Today, we are providing a holistic approach in providing high end professional services for mortgage structuring, financial planning, accounting and selecting appropriate investment solutions to everyone who wish to create true wealth.



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