Darina Snell

DarinaDarina Snell is a digital PR and content creator for Paul’s Removals. She has been with the company since its establishment and besides her work as a digital PR, she has also been a quality control assistant. As such she has supervised numerous home and office moves.
Assisting hundreds of people with their removal needs gave her an insight into the Australian property market and people’s behaviour and decision-making during relocations.
Darina noticed that, not only are there particular times when people prefer to move, but there are also different reasons why they choose to do so. At present, she not only wants to assist people with the technicalities surrounding their move, but to also help them choose the most appropriate time for it, as this will eliminate some of the hitches along the way.

When she is not writing, Darina loves to cook, travel and read historical fiction books.

Feel free to get in touch: darinasnell@gmail.com
Website: http://www.paulsremovalsmelbourne.com.au/

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