Esther Lyndon-Jones

esther-lyndon-jones-sydneyEsther Lyndon-Jones is a wife, mother, ambitious marketing executive and a nifty family treasurer. At present she works as an associate at Australia’s fastest growing self-financed cleaning company – Fantastic Cleaners. Esther wants nothing less than everything in life, which is why she enjoys every moment of it and tries to make the most of her finances and resources. According to Esther her company’s secret to making money lies in the clean and organised financial approach, adopted by everyone in charge.

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Fantastic Cleaners is a professional cleaning company that marked its start in 2009 in a living room with just two people, two laptops and tons of enthusiasm. Nowadays it offers a multitude of additional services such as removals, gardening, rubbish collection, and handyman services. In six years the business has taken over one million calls and has grown to regularly serve more than 100,000 clients across three continents. What makes Fantastic Cleaners Australia so finance-savvy? The business has been self-financed since its start, meaning there was a clear understanding of exactly what costs deliver and benefit the business. This has led Fantastic Cleaners to some interesting directions, such as having its own equipment built for oven cleaning so that cleaning teams can do a better job at a lower rate, which ultimately brings the company more revenue as it is more competitive.


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