Garth Davis

Garth Davis – Property Investor


garthGarth Davis emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2002 from Zimbabwe, Africa. When he arrived in Perth property prices were at the early stages of their boom. Garth did not have any knowledge of property investing until he arrived in Australia but then made it his business to mix and mingle with the most knowledgeable property people, and he attended many property expos, conferences and workshops to gain as much knowledge as possible. Garth got educated in property investing, and surrounded himself with a great team of experts and mentors, and took action and started purchasing well located properties around Australia.


He enjoyed the industry so much that he took up full time work in the industry. Garth is a very successful property investment coach and he won many national awards for the company that he worked with for 10 years, and he created many raving fans. Garth has helped over 500 investors get into property, and a high percentage of those investors have gone on to purchase multiple properties with his expertise and support.

Garth and his wife plan to continue building their portfolio and are keen to purchase some more properties in Brisbane and Perth relatively soon as well as some properties in Sydney and Melbourne when the markets there are in a buyers’ market part of the cycle.

Garth can be reached on and is happy to offer free advice and recommendations on property investing in Australia. He is happy to help novice investors as well as advanced investors


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