Geoff Boyd

Geoff BoydHaving spent 23 years in the Financial Planning Industry, Geoffrey was looking forward to retirement. It was then that some friends asked him how they should go about buying a house.

This started 4 years of research into all aspects of buying real estate from an outsider’s impartial point of view.

Some problem areas uncovered included:-

  • The Buyer usually goes through the process once or twice in a lifetime so they are unfamiliar with proceedings
  • In today’s society, time is such a precious commodity. To have to research, collate and analyse all the information required for a property on top of maintaining work and family commitments can be a very daunting task.
  • There is little information available at the preparation stage. Detail is available on the internet, but is very fragmented.
  • The non-availability of good software to make important calculations. Most web sites offer a range of single purpose calculators, but these cannot be downloaded and used in your own time.

The research showed that a great percentage of people were not prepared before they started the buying process. The thought was that if we could better prepare people it would make their journey more pleasurable and at the same time keep the stress levels down. All the research, hints & tips, eBooks and software programs developed from this research are now available at

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