Joanne Newell

Joanne-NewellJoanne Newell is a compassionate, insightful, practical and fun-loving money-mindset coach for enlightened entrepreneurial women. She’s the founder of Rich Life by Design (, and she hosts one-on-one VIP days with her clients, to help them heal their money story and create a rich life, by design.

Joanne, a former editor of lifestyle books, loves ‘style with substance’ – living a life that’s rich in experiences, beauty and meaning. Her mission is to help other female business owners do exactly the same.

She lives in the fresh air and breathtaking beauty of Ballarat, in Australia’s south, with her husband Darren (a financial advisor – whose work perfectly complements Joanne’s mission to empower women with money) and 12-year-old twin girls Arabella and Evangeline.

Let Joanne take you by the hand and share with you her many years of personal development, business training and coaching experience to help you design your very own rich life. To start your journey towards a healthy money mindset, register for Joanne’s free video series called The 3 Foundations of an Empowered Money Mindset, at



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