Linh Whyatt

Linh WhyattMy career in property began at an early age with the purchase of my first investment property at the age of 21, a one-bedroom unit in West Perth, Western Australia. I can trace my love of property back to my early years, whilst still in primary school. My parents made a bold move to buy land and build their first home. I recall visiting home openings and was fascinated with interior design, floor plans, and construction. In the years after our house was built, that fascination continued. I always looked forward to receiving the New Home section of the weekend paper, where they had home designs with floor plans. I’d dream about owning the property and what changes to the floor plans I would make. Little did I know that it was the start of something much bigger that was to be large chapter in my life.

Although I didn’t have the education that most investors receive before buying property, starting my investment journey at 22 years old with the first purchase at right time was the best decision I ever made. Those initial purchases I made catapulted me to millionaire status by the age of 28. Only a few years after buying, one of the largest booms hit the Perth, WA region. The result was that the price of my 3 properties at the time catapulted upwards. In addition to this, my partner and I had bought another 3 properties in London and many more. These had also increased in price until 2005. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, we bought property at below market values and continued up until the present. We decide to relocate to Sydney and also buy there.

Since we held onto all of our properties through the crisis and were blessed with another unexpected boom in Perth 2013, one in Sydney in 2013 and one in London in 2014. I own a portfolio of 17 properties and work as a life coach, author, property investor, developer, and mentor.



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