Mark James Henry

MJ-Henry-Solidteknics-founder-engineer-Sept-2014bYou could say Mark James Henry has earned his ‘entrepreneurial stripes’.

During his 40-something years he’s squeezed in a metal trade, two degrees (engineering and business), several languages, and a string of patents, brands and businesses across several sectors and countries. He also has a passion for ‘adrenalin’ sports, social history, healthy unprocessed local food, and sustainability.

You might know Mark from his most prominent past business, Füritechnics, which he founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 1996, and the Füri Chef’s knives and Diamond Fingers sharpeners he patented and sold worldwide. He moved to San Francisco in 2005 to focus on growing the Füri brand ‘ballistically’ in the USA after their endorsement by celebrity TV cook Rachael Ray. After selling the Füritechnics businesses there in 2008 he stayed, went Ducati superbike racing in California, and developed innovative structural carbon fibre subframes and titanium exotica for race motorcycles. He survived, and after his non-compete finished he moved the family to France to partner with his old French distributor, de Buyer Industries, to establish a new division for the first knife range in the venerable old company’s 180 year history. After successfully establishing those luxury chef products in Europe he founded his design development brand, Innovivant, and stayed in France. He was then contracted by the new Australian owners of Füri knives to re-engineer the products, which were successfully re-launched in late 2014.

Mark continued developing new patents for SOLIDTEKNICS, and in September 2014 launched to broad acclaim the only production cookware made in Australia, AUSfonte cast iron cookware. At time of writing, barely 9 months after launch, he had completed three successful Kickstarter campaigns for AUSfonte pans, achieved #1 selling cookware item on Australia’s biggest kitchenware site, KitchenwareDirect, and secured distribution in the USA.

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