Mithra: leading the way in eco-friendly book publishing

renewable-energy-image-smallMithra Publishing operates in a paperless, virtual office environment. Our publishing processes are completely electronic which boosts productivity and makes information sharing much easier from any location anywhere in the world with Internet access. It’s our way of helping the environment while we help our clients. Contact us today to find out more about the Mithra Experience.

Because Mithra Publishing utilizes the latest technological advances to communicate and share information with its authors, editors, designers, and printers, etc. (such as Skype™, email, and online forms), the company can effectively operate from the comfort and convenience of home offices and avoid the high costs associated with leasing expensive office space. This eco-friendly business practice allows Mithra to keep its prices down while still providing proper customer service to authors. It also allows the company to work with contracted vendors from all over the world, wherever authors are located.

Mithra Publishing produces both eBooks and paperback books for authors from all over the world. Because Mithra employs modern print-on-demand (POD) printing processes, authors can print paperback books as needed thereby avoiding unnecessary printing/warehousing costs. These are two more ways Mithra is helping the environment while helping clients realize the dream of publishing a book. Our latest book,  Renewable Energy 3.0 is the crowning achievement of Mithra Publishing Head Honcho Kizzi Nkwocha who has campaigned tirelessly for publishers to become more environmentally aware.

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