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Social media is here to stay and by using it actively we understand more about human connections, needs and desires.

If you are a leader and you want to influence people you can use the power and the magic of the World Wide Web to help you reach even more people. By building your online profile you can gain more followers and fans, people who will in turn share your ideas with their network. Social media is also a terrific tool to use in order to listen to your customers.

By using it in an intelligent way you will learn a lot about their needs and wishes. Leaders who preach the values of social media and new technology are also changing the way their industry makes money. Think about what Spotify, a digital music service, has done to the music industry. They changed the way we listen and pay for music online, all using a smart platform. They have also integrated their service with Facebook to make it more social.

If you are a leader there are many who would love to learn from you and they want you to share your knowledge. One example of a leader sharing his knowledge online via an online course is former CEO and chairman of General Electric Jack Welch. He delivers several courses on leadership on Udemy. Udemy is on online platform where anyone is welcome to create courses on all kind of topics.

Leaders that people admire aren’t afraid of being themselves. They share their thoughts and ideas and are honest about what they believe in. This is the kind of person we find attractive and want to connect with. One of the most admired leaders in the UK, Richard Branson, shares his thoughts and ideas on social media on a regular basis. Check him out on Twitter and start learning from what he does.

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