Sarah Reyes

SarahGrowing up in the third world I developed a serial entrepreneur nature from the early age of 5. Coming from very humble beginnings I had to create numerous sources of income to support myself and my family. I started with selling desserts in the street with my cousins and within 3 years it had grown into small businesses selling watches, cakes, and tutoring children. Over recent years I have embarked on bigger ventures like recruitment, education, training, investments and public speaking.

Being an entrepreneur created this tremendous skill – being adaptive and turning any situation to my advantage.

Throughout the years, looking after childcare businesses, investing, exposing myself to different industries,

I recognised that there is HUGE GAP in the modern real world and education market. I’ve been engaged with financially struggling teachers and academics in schools teaching the next generation. We cannot teach what we don’t know so how are we going to help our children have financial freedom?

To be successful in any career especially being an entrepreneur/ business person, it is an asset to have tremendous financial education, resilience and dedication.   It requires real-life collaboration, problem solving, and how to handle pressure in emergency situations like flying a jet or sky diving.

Going on your own and starting your own business can be compared to being an adrenalin junkie; the thrill of challenge excites you! Unlike in school where they teach children to be quiet, to sit, to conform, be scared to fail in tests, it is the contrary in business. The more questions you throw, the better. The more you talk, the more ideas you challenge and the more you fail, the more you learn.   Instead of quitting, entrepreneurs ask themselves these turn key questions; How can I turn this around? What is the solution? If the market is crashing, do I panic and sell my investments or do I move my money where no one has invested?

As Warren Buffet quotes “Go where the puck has never been”.

Just imagine what can your child do if they are armed with such powerful decision making skills?

I want to create an alternative to childcare and conventional school that will teach children practical skills in business, financial freedom and entrepreneurship. I did out of my own frustration with the current system and drive to disrupt our old and tired educational system.

I am compelled to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and build a world class entrepreneurial education system with the aim to save, invest, build, and give back to society. I am certain that some of the skills you have learnt will not be learnt from a classroom. I am also sure that there are skills you wished you have learned. Perhaps you did not have the right role models, resources, or you missed out on this entrepreneurial drive going through the traditional education system. Instead of relying on the government, schools or a job, why don’t we teach children how to print their own money? It’s time to ask the question, how can an educator with no real life business experience teach your child to be financially free? Your child was born to stand out – so why are you teaching them to be the same?

Change the game of education.

Success. Starts. Now.

Sarah Reyes

Founder the Trep Inc.

Achievers- entrepreneur, investor and educator.

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